I offer Sports and Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Acuball Therapy and Holistic Massage in SW19 and surrounding areas. Anyone suffering from pain and dysfunction in their muscles will benefit from the above therapies. They all help to significantly reduce pain, break down adhesions within muscles and their connective tissue and in many cases eradicate the pain.

My clients who include Dancers of The Royal Ballet Company find the massage and fascial stretch therapies very beneficial in breaking down their tension, lengthening their muscles and bringing awareness to areas of tension in their bodies.

Awareness is central to finding solutions to your pain so that corrective measures can be taken to prevent further pain, dysfunction and possible injury.
Injuries can be sustained from repetitive and/or poor use of muscles and if left untreated can cause bio mechanical problems. Muscle strain and injury are not limited to professional sports people. We are all familiar with the muscle strain caused by activities such as:

  • Regular keyboard use
  • Regular texting
  • Sitting in one position for long durations
  • Activities that involve repetitive use of muscles for long periods.

Bodyhealer pain solutions can help you solve long-term or recent musculoskeletal issues and offer advice to keep pain at bay through stretching & awareness of your body and how you use it. Self remedy solutions can also be provided using AcuballĀ  Therapy.

Audrey Adeyemi
+44 (0)7961 446365


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