“After a year of lower back pain I instinctively felt that the problem was caused at least in part by tightness in the muscles around my pelvis. With FST, Audrey was able to assist me to stretch much further than I was able to on my own. I instantly felt looser but the longer term effect has been a huge improvement in my lower back pain which I now only experience on occassion and never to the intensity I did previously.”
Susi – Managing Director

“Audrey is the best sports massage therapist I have ever known. Her technique is incredible and quite unusual. It could be described as a conversation, or perhaps a long and delicate negotiation where she reasons with stubborn muscles and gently but firmly persuades them to give in. In the end she wins. It’s amazing. Best results ever. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Sushma Sagar – Senior Brand Manager

“Audrey is an extraordinary therapist and masseur. I was recovering from a broken tibia when she worked her magic: she found deep, hidden stresses, tension and knots, eradicated them and accelerated my recovery and path to health and exercise.”
Mark Olden – Journalist and Author

“Audrey is very professional. She goes to great lengths to discover the precise areas of the body that require treatment, and to explain any problems in plain language. Her hands-on therapy is thorough; occasionally excruciating, but mainly pleasurable!

I have valued Audrey’s suggestions for regular daily exercises to address specific problems, and at the end of her sessions – stretched, pummelled and kneaded – I never fail to feel revitalised and refreshed – a new man!”
Robert Hubble

Audrey is my favourite therapist at the Re-Centre, her massages are fantastic. I have had a lot of back pain after the birth of my first child (due to various reasons from breastfeeding and generally taking care of and carrying my little girl a lot to wrong posture and stress) but after I see Audrey my back always feels so much better. The massages are very strong and thorough and do sometimes hurt when releasing the muscles, but for me that is the only way to get the results. I am very happy with her work.
Melanie Wittke

“I am a local Yoga, cardio/Yoga and Boxercise teacher, and due to the nature of my work which is often very physical, I occasionally need remedial sports massage and fascial stretch therapy.  I am extremely particular in who I choose to work on my body and have found that many local practitioners have scant knowledge of human anatomy, until I discovered Audrey,  her knowledge and treatment is second to none.”
Lucy Paul SWYoga

‘Audrey provides treatments tailored to specific body needs –  I am always amazed how she can locate the sore and tender muscles without me having to point them out.  She also offers helpful advice regarding stretches to help manage symptoms so as to maintain lasting benefit from the massages.  I would highly recommend her.’
Rachel Gibson

Over the past 20 years, I have tried to complete one standard course marathon a year. As I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday, I find I need to look after my body much more than I did in my 30s and early 40’s.

Audrey provides excellent, targeted sports massage and stretching. I see her regularly, especially as I build up mileage. I recommend her ability to any runner/athlete.
Mark Weston – UK Country Head – Nedbank Capital

Audrey’s treatments are excellent. The deep muscle stretching and tissue work have really improved my mobility and back function. Layers of stiffness have dissolved away and the treatments feel great.

Audrey has a lovely manner & is a very professional Therapist.
Claire Murden

‘ I would highly recommend Audrey. The sports massages and stretching I had while training for the marathon made a real difference. Audrey worked magic with my aches and pains during my training.’
Joanna Cossins

“Audrey has a good knowledge of how the body works and what can cause pain – and can work this pain out through manipulations and massage.  She has a gentle touch but can be strong when she needs to; she also can help stretch out areas of tightness.  I highly recommend Audrey to anyone who thinks they could do with a sports massage – which is a lot more useful (in my view) than a “relaxation” massage, particularly to anyone who is physically active.”
Stephen Wilson-Smith

Audrey Adeyemi
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