Experience the benefits of the Acuball and Acuball mini which will become one of your self remedy solutions to pain and discomfort in your muscles. The session will also be instructional so that you can use the balls at work and at home should you wish to purchase them.The Acuball is approximately the size of a tennis ball and the Acuball mini is the size of a golf ball. They are designed to create natural acupressure and are effective in releasing tension in the muscle tissue, bringing pain relief. The Acuball is unique in that it is the also the only ball of its kind that is heatable.Acuball Therapy can be integrated into massage sessions or can be booked as a complete therapy.


WIMBLEDON PRICES (Excl ball kit)

30 mins £20

1 hour £30

HOME VISIT PRICES (Excl ball kit)

30 mins £40

60 mins £50

Acuball Ball £30

Acuball Mini £24

Acuball Kit £60

(includes both acuballs and DVD)


Audrey Adeyemi
+44 (0)7961 446365

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