This is an assisted stretching session which is designed to increase the range of movement in synovial joints and lengthen the main muscles of the lower and upper body. One of the main principles behind the Fascial Stretch Therapy system is that in order to stretch muscles, the myofascia that surround muscle fibers and joints must be released first. This is achieved by stretching specific single joint muscles followed by double joint muscles whilst using traction to decompress the joint. By creating more space in a joint, muscles can be stretched through different movement planes.The sessions can be targeted to stretch specific areas of the upper body and lower body or can be divided into lower or upper body sessions. Straps are used during the lower body stretches to stabilize the leg that is not being worked on. Some of the stretches are passive which require no effort from the client, whilst other stretches are active requiring some isometric contraction. Breathing is a key component for all stretches and you are prompted to breathe to enhance the quality of the stretch. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. 


30 mins £30

1 hour £50

1.5 hours £70


30 mins £40

60 mins £65

1.5 hours £90



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