Anyone can benefit from this type of massage regardless of their activity levels, as muscle tension is present in most people due to postural imbalances, sports injuries, emotions & lifestyle. When muscles and the myofascia have been ‘tight’ for some time the nervous system accepts this degree of tension as normal and in order to break this reflex pattern deep tissue techniques are required. Sports and Remedial Massage techniques work on a neuromuscular level to address this tension.Sessions include soft tissue releases , trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques which are active and require a fair amount of movement, therefore please bring shorts with you to accommodate this.

Sessions can be passive if you prefer to have a deep tissue massage which involves no movement and is closer to the Swedish or Holistic style of massage.



30 mins £30

1 hour £50

1.5 hours £70


30 mins £40

60 mins £65

1.5 hours £90


Audrey Adeyemi
+44 (0)7961 446365

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